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Surf Country carries both new and used surfboards. We have epoxy, polyurethane, shortboards, longboards, funboards, alaias, twin fins, tri fins, quad fins, noseriders, and more!

*Used surfboard inventory changes daily.

Inhouse Shapers for Custom Boards:

Tyler Anderson is a local Goleta resident and ex-pro surfer now turned shaper and glasser. He shapes a variety of types of surfboards from 70s retro single fins to high performance shortboards. Come meet Tyler in the shaping room to discuss your next truly custom surfboard.

Max McDonald has shaped thousands of surfboards. With his experience shaping with Channel Islands and Infiniti over the past 35 years hes done it all. Hes most known for his elevated wing EB5 Bonzer. Draw on the years of knowledge only a master shaper and seasoned craftsman can give you.

Check out this video of Tyler surfing in Santa Barbara on a board he shaped:

photos courtesy Jeremiah Klein